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Our Story


Recovélo is a French subsidiary from Cheapassbikes, a company that started as a student start-up in the Netherlands in 2016. As many bikes got stolen and the supply at bike shops was overpriced there was a booming demand for affordable bikes. That’s why we started selling refurbished bikes the most affordable, sustainable and reliable option to get from A to B. It didn’t take long before more and more people knew where to find us.

Our mission

Currently there is no player in Europe that can offer a wide range of reconditioned bikes. We want to create this market to have a real ecological impact.

By the year 2023 we want to provide a refurbished bicycle as an affordable option for 100.000 people on a yearly basis!

Our core values

  • Affordable mobility for everyone: The average price of a new city bike is over €550. Cheapassbikes believes mobility is important and should be affordable to everyone. For this reason we offer bikes within the price range of €99,- and €600,-.
  • Social Return: We aim to gain a social return on investment by creating jobs for workers who are distanced to the labor market. Cheapassbikes set up a learning program for people that have the ambition to become a bike mechanic. This way they can learn all about the profession in a social environment and make full use of their talents.
  • Prevent overproduction: In 2019, the EU produced over 11.4 million bicycles. We believe that’s a shame as there are many bikes that are good for another 10 years. Therefore it’s part of our mission to radically reduce this number.

Economical and circular

We have created a business model that consists of two loops that show that no materials are wasted within the process and find a new destination. No material is wasted in the process.

From waste to product

When a bicycle is abandoned in a public space, it is not allowed to remain there indefinitely. This is why town halls in the Netherlands have put in place certain rules.

  • A municipal department attaches a warning label to the bicycle indicating that it will be collected if it is not collected by its owner within a specified time.
  • When this deadline is exceeded, it is collected and stored at the municipal bicycle depot. The town hall now owns the bike.
  • Without the initiatives of companies such as Recovélo these bikes would be destroyed.
  • On arrival, a quality control is carried out
  • All bikes will be individually labeled according to their make, wheel size, frame size, appearance, brake type and number of gears.
  • These specifications determine the price of the bike
  • After a pretty picture in the studio is made, they are showcased in the online web shop.